SDB World - August 2017

Year 2017
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General Secretary’s message 2

President’s message 2

News, Calendar, Finances 3

Meet the new President 4

Newest Member: Rwanda 5

From Member Conference Reports 6-9

In Memoriam: James Siwani 10

Member Groups 10

New Executive Committee 10

In our May issue, we reported on activities of the sixty delegates and observers from ten member conferences who attended the 8th Sessions of the Seventh Day Baptist World Federation in Curitíba, Paraná, Brazil, January 22- 28, 2017. The June 2017 issue of the Sabbath Recorder included more pictures and reports from individual delegates, observers, and officers.

Now we summarize the individual country reports presented at the sessions, share a few news updates, and present the new officers on duty until the next session which will be held in North America in 2022.

Seventh Day Baptist WORLD is published periodically to help accomplish the purposes of the Seventh Day Baptist World Federation: to provide increased communication among Seventh Day Baptist groups around the world, to promote projects of mutual interest which will benefit from international cooperation, and to stimulate fellowship among Seventh Day Baptist Christians.

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