SDB World - August 2016

Year 2016
Number of Pages 6
Book Format EBook
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In this issue:

Seventh Day Baptists from Sixteen Countries Expected in Brazil - 1

Uganda SDB Conference Accepted as Federation Member - 1

General Secretary: SDB World Federation--A Foretaste of Eternity - 2

President’s Message: The Kingdom of God is like... - 2

World Federation CALENDAR: 2016-2017 - 3

Treasurer Reports Good Response to Fund Raising. More Needed! - 4

Happy Golden Anniversary - 4

Philippines Churches Report Leadership Meetings -5

Zambia TIME Program Finishes Modules in November - 5

South Africa Conference - 5

In Memorium: Rev. David C. Pearson 1931-2016 - 6

Presenters at the 2017 WF Sessions - 6

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