How to pray for SDB countries around the world (2023)

During the first full week of January since 1967, Seventh Day Baptists around the world have united in prayer by sharing meditations centered on a theme chosen by the author of the SDB Week of Prayer booklet. Below you can read how to pray for SDB countries around the world in 2023.

  1. Angola – one church; pray for the development of more churches and leaders.
  2. Australia – pray for development of more leaders and planting of more churches in areas where there are none
  3. Bangladesh – one church; pray for the success of their children’s ministries, their outreach efforts to primarily Hindu people, and the employment of a Bible worker in the field
  4. Brazil – about 80 churches; pray for continued success of their TIME Program which trains pastors and leaders
  5. Burundi – about 30 churches; pray for resources to improve several of their church buildings, to construct others where no buildings exist, and to secure a facility for their conference center
  6. Cameroon – pray for the strengthening of their witness and a deeper understanding of SDB beliefs and polity
  7. Canary Islands – we have lost touch; pray for reconnection with us
  8. Canada – pray for the planting of more churches both in the Greater Toronto area, and in provinces where there are none
  9. Chile – pray for continued wisdom and guidance to mentor new churches and Pastors in other South American countries
  10. Colombia – two brand new churches; pray for the strengthening of their spiritual foundations, a deeper understanding of SDB beliefs and polity, and expansion to plant more churches
  11. Democratic Republic of Congo – need funds for orphan ministry including the payment of school fees; pray for them to overcome political instability, and a high crime rate
  12. Cuba – pray for the church to be renewed in their relationship with us and for success of outreach to other areas of the island; pray against hostility from government entities
  13. Czech Republic – need more communication from them; boldness to be faithful witnesses for the Lord in the midst of Eastern European secularism and spiritual apathy
  14. Ecuador – pray for help for Sis. Andrea Pozo with the ministry of translating the Helping Hand into Spanish, and for the growth of their three churches
  15. Egypt – pray for resources for their group which consists of refugees from South Sudan and Ethiopia, and for the success of their sustainable project, which is a bakery; pray for favor with the government so they will be able to stay in the country and be given proper status
  16. England – pray for effectiveness for their outreach ministries and their technology initiatives; pray for continued development of their new generation of leaders, and unity among the churches
  17. Ethiopia – success of their farm and animal projects which provide incomes for some families; proper mentoring of new leaders and groups.
  18. Gambia – we have lost touch; pray for reconnection with us
  19. Ghana – pray for the success of their vision of planting at least one church every year, and planting at least one church in each district of the country
  20. Guinea–Conakry – we have lost touch; pray for reconnection with us
  21. Guyana – pray for the development of a new generation of leaders and resources to train them; pray for increased ministry to the interior part of the country
  22. Haiti – pray for spiritual, economic, and political stability in the country so that worship can be without fear; pray against high crime rate
  23. India – pray for them to fulfill their vision of planting two new churches and one orphanage in 2023
  24. Indonesia – one small group exists there; they feel isolated because there are no other SDBs nearby; they need encouragement
  25. Ivory Coast – 3 churches; they need their own church buildings, so they can stop renting; pray for them to develop sustainable projects
  26. Jamaica – about 30 churches; pray for the new church planted in Old Harbour in 2021; pray for renewal through the observance of their Conference’s centennial (100th. year anniversary) in 2023
  27. Kenya – pray for their efforts to plant a new church and set up a conference office in Kisii, the largest city near to where most of their churches are located.
  28. Lebanon – one group being nurtured by Pastor Gabe Bejjani;
  29. Liberia – pray for the SDB witness to be re–established.
  30. Malawi – largest SDB Conference in the world; need theological training for Pastors; pray for the completion of the Wheeler Village construction project
  31. Mozambique – churches need to be organized into a Conference; pray for strong and wise leadership to navigate that process, and for success with the registration of their Conference with the government
  32. Netherlands – 3 churches, mostly older people; revival is needed
  33. New Zealand – pray for collaboration among the churches, and more outreach ministries
  34. Nicaragua – need for funds to complete the building of a ministry center, which is in the middle of construction
  35. Nigeria – need for protection from Muslim extremists and terrorist organizations like Boko Haram; need boldness to stay true to the Lord.
  36. Pakistan – new field for Seventh Day Baptists; pray for effectiveness of ministries in schools and churches in Muslim and Hindu communities using the Bible as a textbook for reading; administration done by SDBs in Australia; pray for an open door to visit.
  37. Philippines – pray for harmony among the three SDB Conferences; pray for the building of a facility to house their Grace SDB Bible College
  38. Poland – pray for strong faith in the midst of great spiritual apathy in Eastern Europe
  39. Rwanda – pray for their Pastors to receive government certification, so that they can also teach in government schools.
  40. Sierra Leone – pray for the completion of the construction of a new SDB school, and for courage to remain true to their convictions in the face of temptations
  41. South Africa – pray for revival among their churches, and a new generation of leaders. 
  42. South Korea – pray for reconnection in communication.
  43. South Sudan – pray for the new groups which have started, and the continued effectiveness of their outreach ministries.
  44. Tanzania – pray for their efforts to start new churches, and their ministry to refugees.
  45. Uganda – pray for their Conference interim leadership team, their ministry to refugees and orphans, and the success of a major Poultry Farm Project
  46. Ukraine – pray for an end to the Russian invasion, and for their churches to reconnect with SDBs
  47. USA – pray for their churches and leaders to be revitalized, new churches to be planted, and for the success of the Seventh Day Baptist University (SDBU)
  48. Zambia – pray for the success of their sustainable projects; pray for harmony among their churches